Stories high on imagination

A collection of stories by aspiring writers all under five-feet tall now have their award-winning entries published in the book, By Us For Us, which hits city bookshelves early next year

Earlier this year, those masters of imagination, otherwise known as children, were asked to express their imagination on paper. Several entries later and one competition, they and you can find the fruits of that exercise neatly bound in a book titled, By Us For Us.

The collection of stories features protagonists ranging from kings and queens to the writers themselves. The idea was to get children to express themselves in a time when they are "growing up in a world where there is collective imagination, not a personal one", as writer Prasoon Joshi remarks in the foreword.

The book is part of the HP Write and Read project that is supported by Delhi-based NGO Katha, as an attempt to promote the tradition of storytelling and to nurture future generations of story-tellers, so that the generation that has grown up "seeing lots, but imagining less" is forced to re-look at the world that lie both within and outside themselves through new eyes.

The book promises to be a treasure trove of ideas, as founder and executive director, Geeta Dharmarajan, mentions in the book, " The sea of imagination that our amazing writers plunged into brings you this awesome catch of stories."

By Us For Us is published by Katha;
Rs 375. Available at leading bookstores from Janaury 10, 2012

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