Stories in tabloids don't affect Jude Law anymore

Jude Law, known for not mincing words, came out clean on certain topics in a recent interview during a photoshoot.

Jude Law is often hounded by the paparazzi for his sexcapades
Jude Law is often hounded by the paparazzi for his sexcapades 

According to the actor, stories in tabloids don't affect him anymore. "I honestly don't know and don't care what's being written about me. If people want to buy into it, then they can."

The unabashedly balding actor says he just tries to lead a normal life now and to be free to go out — a restaurant, to the theatre, or even just to a gardening centre — is his birthright.

On the professional front, he is keen to act in a project based on William Shakespeare's works. But he's conscious of his age too.

"You can't play Prospero in your 20s and you can't play Lear. In your twenties, you play Romeo, you play Hamlet. And maybe you progress to Coriolanus, to Henry V. They're like hoops you have to jump through."



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