Storm in the jukebox

Spud in the box, a Mumbai-based Rock band, is all set to debut in the city with their power-packed performance and original compositions. Catch them at High Spirits tonight

Spud in the box seems like an unlikely choice of a name for a Rock band but the six-member band chose the name to represent their eclectic sounds. The band is known for their  unique musical arrangements and meaningful lyrics. 

While they started off with just two musicians, they are half a dozen strong today. Apart from being inspired by every musical genre, Spud in the box features musicians who play two instruments each. 

The band members includes Rohan (keyboards), Ankit (vocals and acoustic guitar), Vivaan (drums), Zubin (bass), Hartej (guitars) and Siddharth (guitars). Formed in 2011, the band has around 11 originals in their musical box and aim to concentrate on composing original songs with a few covers thrown in at the gig.
Each member comes with his own musical preference. While Rohan loves Radiohead, Dave Mathews Band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Coldplay, Ankit enjoys listening to Twelve Seasons and the Frames while Siddharth is more into Tool and A Perfect Circle and Zubin swears by Buckethead and Phil Collins. 

"We started off as a duo which included Ankit and me," says Rohan. "As musicians we haven't done any formal studying of music. And we are too young as a band to define our sound. Earlier we called it Folk Rock but we outgrew it. We have included a lot of alternate elements as each musician has a different taste in music. We arrange our compositions together, but it's not necessary that all the lyrics are written together," he adds.
The writing comes from their personal experiences and as musicians each song they write reflects the issues they feel strongly about. 

Rohan feels that as artistes they should consider themselves fortunate as they live in an age where advanced technology is freely accessible and available. "I am sure a decade ago, creating a buzz about the event wouldn't have been as easy. It's not just about getting exposure but letting our music be accessible to people across the globe," he concludes. 

From 9 pm onwards
At High Spirits, Koregaon Park.

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