Story of optimism wins hearts

One of the biggest pros of the ongoing 10th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) is that it has treated movie lovers to cinema with universal appeal. One such movie that is gaining recognition at the festival is The Magic of Hope, directed by Paco Torres of Spain. Before the movie became the talk of the town, it garnered accolades in Spain, US and other countries for its optimistic take on leukaemia.

Hope lives: Spain's Paco Torres, whose film The Magic of Hope deals
with leaukaemia while highlighting the mother-daughter bond

Talking about his movie, which revolves around a mother who is afraid of losing her daughter to the killer disease, Torres said, "It took me eight years to write the script. In the movie, I've have highlighted the bond between a mother and her daughter."

When asked what separates his movie from others dealing with the same subject (My Sister's Keeper), Torres replied, "It is more organic. In Hollywood, the idea is to sell the movie, but for me I wanted to get into the depth of the characters. The earthiness of the film is its Unique Selling Point (USP).

It is about trying to find hope in the cloudiest of circumstances. There is optimism, but with a sense of subtlety. Every child's biggest fear is losing their parents and it is the same with the parents. And this drives the movie."

Commenting on Indian cinema, Torres said, "The Indian audience watches a lot of movies. Recently, an Indian film was shot in Seville and it was so vibrant. I am glad that Indian cinema is going global. There is a global audiences for Indian cinema and that is appealing."

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