Stove explosion claims mother, unborn child

Feb 11, 2012, 07:06 IST | Priyanka Vora

Pregnant woman was preparing food for husband, three-year-old son, when the incident occurred

Disaster struck the Patel family on Wednesday afternoon, when a five-month pregnant Neeta, who was preparing food for the entire family, caught fire after the stove she was cooking on exploded, eventually claiming her and her unborn child's life.

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"She was preparing food on a kerosene stove, when suddenly it exploded. We ran towards the kitchen and saw that Neeta was on fire. I rescued her and rushed her to a nearby hospital," said Pappu Patel, Neeta's husband, who does odd jobs for a living.

Both Pappu and Amit, their three-year-old son, were waiting for Neeta to serve them food in the living room of their flat at Ambernath when the incident occurred.

Pappu, who had initially admitted Neeta to the nearby Asmin Hospital, was asked by the doctors to shift her to Ulhasnagar Central Hospital. Realising that the patient had sustained high percentage of burns, Neeta was rushed to JJ Hospital for tertiary care.

"She was referred to JJ hospital on Thursday at around 2 am. She had sustained over 85 per cent burns," said Dr Ajay  Bhandarwar, associate professor, general surgery department, JJ Hospital.

At JJ Hospital when gynaecologists performed an ultrasound test on Neeta to check on the foetus' well-being, it emerged that it had died in the womb due to the trauma suffered by the mother. Later, Neeta succumbed to her burns yesterday afternoon.

"We were saving money for the unborn child and a gas stove. Had I bought the gas stove earlier, Neeta would have been alive today," said a grief-stricken Patel.

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