Strumming up a storm

Feb 01, 2012, 08:36 IST | Anjali Jhangiani
The Guide chats with celebrated drummers Yohan Marshall and Shreyas Iyengar as they drop their drumsticks to guitars for their upcoming performance in Songwriter Wednesdays at Swig

"I have composed most of the songs for my band, so while composing a song, I would often strum the guitar," says Yohan Marshall, the 21-year-old drummer from The Family Cheese. Even though playing the guitar is not a new-found hobby for this music lover, it is his first performance with the guitar in Pune. 

Drummer Yohan Marshall

"I have performed with the guitar in my hometown back in Ahmedabad and also in Pondicherry. I tend to pick up the guitar when the band jams together," he adds as he goes on to express how excited he is to perform with his guitar in Pune. 

Drummer Shreyas Iyengar

"I will be performing with my friend Rachel Varghese. She and I go to the same music school," he informs. The duo will be dishing out youthful covers from Nora Jones and Jamie Cullum. "The songs are based on positivity and a belief in yourself," reveals Marshall, who believes he is just as big a rockstar with the guitar as he is with the drums.

Shreyas Iyengar and Gandhar Amin are out to form a new genre of music altogether as they skillfully blend the essence of Indian Classical music into contemporary Electro. "Our music is really an experiment. Thankfully, our audience has accepted and appreciated our efforts to bring something new on the music scene in Pune," says Gandhar, flautist from Soul Strings, a Pune-based band. 

"Classical music is all I know and it reflects in every piece I play," he adds. Gandhar will be performing a duet with his band-mate drummer Shreyas, who is looking forward to his second performance. His first performance with the guitar was at a college festival last month. 

"My focus is not on the drums or the guitar. When I indulge in music, it is the melody that I want to express," says Iyengar, who believes that a little effort and practice can make him rule the strings as he rules the drum sticks. "Our music will talk about experiences from our daily lives, some moments of epiphany that the youth can relate to and there is a romantic track about a girl," reveals Iyengar. 

On February 1, 9 pm onwards 
At Swig -- Bar & Eatery, Koregaon Park. 

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