Mayanti Langer Mayanti Langer 

India cricketer Stuart Binny's TV presenter wife Mayanti Langer faced a barrage of harsh comments during a show on Hotstar recently. But Langer kept calm and retorted politely. One comment said: "Mayanti Langer's dress last night was the best possible combo of dhoti, lungi and a skirt. She should open an Amar Akbar Anthony dress shop."

Langer replied: "Hey, that's a good idea and you know what? I'm gonna call you for the ribbon opening. What you say? Yes?"

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Another comment was on her dress sense was: "Want to know who is the designer for Mayanti Langer's atrocious clothes right through the tournament."

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Langer's answer was a tough one. "Get your eyes checked mate, it's all subjective."