A 26-year-old British student, who stole sensitive information from Facebook's internal network, has been jailed for eight months.
Glenn Mangham, could have easily brought down the 31 billion pounds empire after he hacked into three of Facebook's servers from his bedroom in the northern England city of York between April and May last year.
Using the code name 'Gamma Ray' he stole the secret code 'that gives Facebook its value' and downloaded it to his hard drive on his home computer, The Daily Mail reports.
The software development student from York downloaded 'highly sensitive intellectual property' including valuable computer 'code' when he hacked the world's largest social network.
According to the paper, Mangham, who it is believed has Asperger's and was said to have 'no social life' claimed that his work was 'ethical hacking' and he breached the security so that he could find vulnerabilities within the site, which the developers could then strengthen.
Mangham said that although he knew he was breaking the law he thought the company would be 'grateful' for his information based on his previous experience.
"It was to identify vulnerabilities in the system so I could compile a report for lack of a better word that I could then bundle off to Facebook and show them what was wrong with their systems," he told the court.
Facebook discovered the security breach during a system check and, despite his efforts to delete his digital footprint, Mangham was arrested by the Met's e-Crime unit last June.
He pleaded guilty to three counts of securing unauthorised access to computer material with intent and one of unauthorised access to computer material.