Student writes explicit sexual fantasies in his Class 12 exam paper in Gujarat

A class 12 student from Borsad, Anand in Gujarat scandalised his teacher when he wrote down detailed sexual fantasies instead of answers in his chemistry paper.

The student wrote explicit porn detailing his sexual fantasies about his sister-in-law, a leading film actress and even his cook.

The female teacher who checked his answer paper was shocked on reading the explicit content. She then alerted the co-ordinator of the centralised assessment centre.

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A cheating case was filed against the student. There is a provision in the board to penalise students who write expletives in answer sheets.

"The board has decided to cancel his result and bar him from taking the board exams for one year," AJ Shah, chairman of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) told The Times of India.

Talking about the boy, the board officials said that the boy was hooked onto porn movies. Since access to internet is easy these days, internet has psyched and polluted his mind.

"The boy apparently suffers from a perverted psyche which needs to be corrected. We have decided to call his parents and show them his marksheet so that they can take some remedial steps," Shah told the national daily.

The student was summoned before the examination reforms committee for an explanation but he failed to turn up.

According to reports, the state board recorded nearly 2,000 cheating cases against candidates taking the class X and XII board examinations. Most of the students were caught copying from chits or answer papers of other students.