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Oct 06, 2011, 07:13 IST | Dhara Vora

From a USB warmer that keeps your coffee hot and a sleepy face solar lamp to an alarm clock that emits animal sounds, Its Our Studio at Tardeo stocks things you never knew you wanted, but do now

When we first visited Its Our Studio, we got confused thanks to its formal office-like ambience. But within a minute of going through their products, we felt teleported into the world of quirk.

Apart from funky moulds and ice trays, they also stock crazy as well as useful stuff that can be used at home, in your office or even in your garden (such as the fire bucket shaped barbeque).

Their Mr P range of tape dispensers and mobile holders shaped like a person made of plastic will surely make your desk the coolest desk in office. Kids will love the Teddy lamp (Rs 5,299) and the water pistol set that comes with two vests that change colour when wet (Rs 1,200).

And for all those with fuzzy memories, buy Fetch My Keys, a dog keychain which responds back when you whistle if you can't find it (Rs 699). For a cool party accessory, go for their shot glasses which light up when filled and automatically shut down when empty (Rs 199).

They also provide customised USB visiting cards alongwith a pendrive where you can dump your work files (Rs 350 onwards). Their coffee mug with a slot for holding biscuits (Rs 299) is also a great buy.

At: 80, Tardeo Road, Shop number 2, Arun Chambers, ground floor, near AC Market.
Call: 66608831

Upgrade your coolness
This device will help you not sweat over work, we are serious. The USB fan just needs to be connected to a computer or laptop. Once switched on, it swirls enough to cool one person (we tested it). So the next time you hitch a cab to work while working on your laptop, you know what you need.
Cost: Rs 399

A Moo Moo wake-up call
This one's dedicated to all Farmville fans. If you were up all night working on your virtual farm, all you need is this alarm clock that changes its alarm according to the animal stencil plugged in. A warning though, the sound these animals make is loud enough to wake up the neighbours. Buy at your own risk.
Cost: Rs 1,199

Meet the Glowboy solar lamp
This 'green' lamp that goes by the name, Glowboy, will surely be a hit amongst kids as well as eco-friendly parents. Keep it side-up under the sun during daytime (the solar panel has a cute sleepy face to avoid confusion). It can be turned upside down at night when it emits a blue light.
Cost: Rs 2,000

Butt station for your workplace
When we saw the Butt Station (we are not making up the name) we thought it would make a great desktop accessory. But when the owner lifted the blue guy (who holds a tape instead of toilet paper) we laughed our butts off looking at the magnetic butt that acts as a pin holder. That must be quite a pain in the backside for the chap, we think.
Cost: Rs 1,299

For the love of caffeine
It happens to most of usĀ -- just when you are about to sip on a hot cup of coffee or tea, your phone starts to ring and you get busy with the call. By the time you return, your drink goes cold. To help you out, this USB warmer keeps coffee or tea warm once connected to a computer. It also has a USB port where you can connect your pen-drive, which can then be read on the computer.
Cost: Rs 599

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