A source claims the showman has suffered a heart attack

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai has been admitted to the ICU section of the Asian Heart Institute in Bandra-Kurla complex.
Bollywood's showman has been there since a few days. The reason for his admission in the hospital, however, is not clear.

A source who has been visiting relatives in the same hospital told us this: Subhash Ghai is admitted in the VVIP ICU section, which is on the third floor.

The hospital staff has confirmed this, but they could not tell me what exactly has happened to him. One person claimed he had suffered a heart attack.
I also saw a lady going in and out of the hospital and I was told that it was Mrs. Ghai.

Ghai remained unavailable for comments, but the hospital authorities confirmed he was at the hospital. "Mr. Ghai is admitted, but we can't share more details," said an officer at the front desk.