Success is superficial, says Amit Sadh

Sep 04, 2013, 10:01 IST | Shameem Khan

On that naughty note, the actor opens up to CS on his new-found success, forthcoming films and love for trekking.

Amit Sadh

Success changes equations
Kai Po Che’s success has brought changes, for the better of course. It’s a good beginning and has taken me to the next level. People have noticed me and I am receiving good feedback from my family back home in Delhi and from unknown people too. I can see that they are happy for me and its very encouraging. I am meeting new people and am definitely in a happy space. Success has made me peaceful and brought stability in my life.  When you are struggling, there are self-doubts, but there are none of them today, thankfully. Having said that, this success is superficial, it is the result of hard work. If I did not get success, that wouldn’t have made me a failure. For me, negativity is failure. Real success is being truly happy, and having an open smile. I think I have achieved that. 

No place for negativity
Insecurity is a very negative thing. It’s a complete waste of time. I am lucky that I am in an industry where there is so much to do and learn. Also there is place for everybody. My work is my strength. Also, I am blunt and a complete pessimist. I don’t rely on films to make me happy. There is more to life than just acting.

Growing up right
I had a troubled childhood. I was into alcohol and drugs in my growing up years, but today I don’t touch them. I am now addicted to protein shakes (smiles). I have come to terms with life and I owe it to acting. Every failure, vulnerable moment and the grey shades of life has contributed to what I am today.

Exciting times ahead
I will start working on Shoojit Sircar’s film from October. Also director Aditya Dutt’s political thriller co-starring Paresh Rawal is on the anvil. There are some more announcements that will be made in the coming days.

Love for nature
I am a complete nature person. I have done mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, hiking you name it. I am now preparing for my biggest mountain climbing expedition on the Mount Everest in 2015. I wanted to do it next year but my assignments will keep me busy and I will not be able to give my complete attention to it. I have a unique team and we are preparing for it withfull gusto.

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