Sudhir Mishra happy with 'Inkaar' dream cast

'He (Arjun) doesn't look the kind of guy who has to harass anyone, she does not look like the kind of person who will not get another alternative. You can't sort of make up your mind - it is sort of two equal individuals.


I never thought of anyone else, and luckily, sometimes the dream casting comes true,' Mishra said here in an interview. 'Inkaar' deals with sexual harassment at the workplace. Arjun plays the CEO of an advertising firm, while Chitrangada plays a copywriter.  Mishra says he has made the film keeping the youth in mind.

'I made this film for the young people. I address this film to the young people, they will come out and they will confront this - 'how to deal with women now', 'how to deal with a woman boss'. A young boy has to understand that - it's the changing nature of things,' he added. The film is slated to release Jan 18, 2013. 

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