Suhel Seth denies 'casting couch' comment

In a two-minute video uploaded on the Internet May 16, Seth talks about "Kahaani" that he had recently watched. He praised director Sujoy Ghosh and said: "My appeal to all the Mahesh Bhatts and Subhash Ghais and all the titans would be to get off your casting couch, you've been there, done her, and start investing in people who can write good scripts." 

Bhatt's daughter, actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, reacted to the video and tweeted: "Media calling me about some statement my friend Suhel Seth made about my father & the casting couch!? Ahem! Is that how ROG came to fruition? Must add that of all the people my father has cast, the thought of Suhel Seth spread eagle across my father`s casting couch is most alarming!"

Seth replied to hersaying: "Watch how I jam the folks who contorted everything I said, thanks to trite editing...your Dad`s my friend and someone I respect!"

When one of Seth's followers asked him to comment on the entire matter and he obliged by tweeting: "They`re a bunch of idiots who say that! I know and respect both! It was trite editing which is why I haven`t bothered!" 

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