Sumer Vaswani: The entertainment industry must be recognised as fully legitimate

The current scenario as far as the nightlife in Mumbai, is definitely prolific as there are loads of pockets in the city with a variety of outlets in terms of cuisine and experience, like microbreweries, food courts, malls and clubs playing host to international artists / events, mini fests etc.

Crowds enjoy a night out at blueFROG
Crowds enjoy a night out at blueFROG

The end customer is now treated to a range of products (Food & Beverages) like never before due to so many innovative national and international players. If we want to be an international city like New York, Singapore, Dubai or Hong Kong we need to have laws and regulations that are similar to these cities in terms of the entertainment industry.

Sumer Vaswani
Sumer Vaswani

Mumbai as a city loves "not to sleep" and the spending power is really huge. Safety of people here is extremely high. We are starting to get loads of tourists, visitors and international residents but we are not able to cater to them. In fact, many Mumbaikars tend to drive away on long weekends to smaller destinations and this, decreases the city’s chance to capitalise on holidays.

Better timings, especially on weekends and recognition of established brands that have been in the market for many years doing genuine and clean business will help improve Mumbai’s image. It’s about time that the entertainment industry got recognised as fully legitimate and government-friendly.

Someone like us (blueFROG) should definitely be seen as a cultural venue that brings an array of artistes from across the world, and has treated city audiences to different musical and visual experiences. We are not only a venue where renowned musicians perform, but we are also a platform where high-quality upcoming talent is showcased.

We have also ventured into other areas of entertainment, like comedy nights and theatre acts. We must create a forum that can offer exchange of opinions between the establishment owners/management and the respective authorities that are in–charge of the entertainment industry. Maybe, a committee can be created to oversee this.

Healthy brain storming sessions can benefit both the government and the business owners. Intimate gigs are not financially viable because famous artistes are expensive. So they have to have a considerable follower base. Besides, artistes also enjoy playing to a large audience because it gives way to better energy; it’s more positive. Consequently, the fan following of the artiste also increases.

Mumbai has enough options as far as venues. The safety issue has been totally addressed by the Mumbai police.

Sumer Vaswani, Executive Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, blueFROG

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