Summer in Mahabaleshwar hotter than Mumbai this year

Summer in Mahabaleshwar hotter than Mumbai this year
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The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) at its Colaba and Santacruz observatories has recorded considerably higher temperatures at the hill station Mahabaleshwar since the last four to five days.

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According to a report by The Times of India, maximum temperatures at Mahabaleshwar were 35.9 degree celsius compared with 34.8 degrees by IMD Santacruz on April 13. Mahabaleshwar sizzled at 35.2 degrees a day earlier, while 34.1 degrees was recorded at IMD Santacruz. Furthermore, temperature at Mahabaleshwar was three degreees above normal on April 12.

K S Hosalikar, deputy general, western region, IMD feels the sudden surge in temperatures at Mahabaleshwar is due to the anticyclone over Saurashtra in Gujarat. This is causing north-easterly warm and moisture-less winds to be carried over to the hill station. He however added that temperatures at the hill station are likely to reduce as the position of the anticyclone has been inching down latitude-wise, which could change the direction of the winds.

Weather experts say this change is rather unusal since Mahabaleshwar is generally cooler than Mumbai in summer. The temperature in Mumbai continues to be 35 degrees celsius.

In January, The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), recorded minimum temperature of 12.5 degrees, which made Mumbai as cold as Mahabaleshwar.

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