RTI response reveals the actor's furniture showroom in Worli was constructed despite a BMC stop work notice; Shetty demolished portions of the building without NOC

Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty may have taken a stance against corruption on celluloid, but his recent real-life venture of a furniture shop captures a different take. A right to information (RTI) application reveals that he has constructed a furniture showroom by renovating a building on Dr E Moses Road, Worli without obtaining any permissions from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Despite a stop work notice, the renovation allegedly carried on in full swing.

Last month, activist Assad Patel obtained documents through RTI (copy with MiD DAY), which reveal that the actor demolished several parts of the three-storey building, Shroff House -- which earlier housed Shetty's restaurant Broadway -- without approval. Neither did he get the renovation plan sanctioned from the civic authortities, nor did he have an NOC from the landlord for carrying out structural changes, Patel alleged.
In 2006, the landlord Purankumar Shroff had give him an NOC (copy with MiD DAY) to carry on repairs and alterations at the shop without causing any damage to the structure.

But Shetty made unapproved changes in the building, and demolished staircases, internal walls and several other portions in the interior of the building, the RTI documents state. 

On August 3, the BMC issued him a stop work notice (copy with MiD DAY). But the work at the shop continued at full pelt.

Last week, Patel complained (copy with MiD DAY) against Shetty to several civic authorities. But officials have been ambiguous in their response, he alleged. Although they issued the stop work notice, they did not follow it up with inspection visits to the showroom, he said.

Shetty troubles: The RTI reveals that Sunil Shetty made unapproved
changes in the building, demolishing stair cases, internal walls and
several other portions for his furniture shop at Dr E Moses Road, Worli.
Pic/Bipin Kokate

Patel claimed that when he visited the BMC's E-Ward office on many occasions to urge them to scrutinise the showroom, an official told him, "Mere paas legal kaam dekhne ka waqt nahin hai to illegal kaam kahan se dekhun?"

On November 23, Patel received a phone call from Shetty. The BMC had allegedly leaked to Shetty that the activist had asked for information related to the construction at the building through the RTI Act. According to Patel, Shetty said, "I have been asking for permission from the BMC for two-and-a-half years. But they are not gi ving it to me." In a long conversation, Shetty also told Patel that his father was a struggler in Mumbai.
Assistant Engineer Milind Borikar, who Patel had addressed his complaint to among several other BMC officials, said, "I will be able to tell you anything only after I check the facts."

The other side
Sunil Shetty told MiD DAY, "You can ask the BMC officials; I have not done anything wrong. I never do anything without proper permissions."