Man loses wallet, Good Samaritan returns within 24 hours in Mumbai

Gangawane hands over the lost wallet to MahajanGangawane hands over the lost wallet to Mahajan

A 54-year-old, who lost his wallet on Monday, received a heartening surprise when a Good Samaritan returned it to him with all his money and cards intact.

Rajendra Mahajan, who works as a peon at a government office and lives in Vitthalwadi, had lost his wallet during a visit to the grocery market on Monday. Mahajan was panicking because his wallet had all his ID cards, including PAN, Aadhar and driving licence. "I also had a few Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 notes and some loose change," Mahajan recalled. "After looking everywhere, I registered a police complaint," he added.

Incidentally, Karuna Gangawane was shopping for vegetables on Monday evening, when she found the wallet. Instead of handing it over to the police, Karuna's brother Sudam decided to personally give it to Mahajan so he could be saved the bureaucratic hassles. While the family tried to locate him, incomplete information made their task tougher. 

"I was stuck for the longest time as no details were provided in the card. A local politician then helped me trace Mahajan through the voters’ details. We finally managed to meet Mahajan's wife yesterday and gave the wallet," said Sudam.

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