We all know about the richness of Indian arts and crafts and the inexplicable talent of our artisans.

Batik stationery
Batik stationery, Rs 500

But how often do we take a step to promote their skills? Gaatha gives us a chance to do the same and without putting in too much effort. Gaatha, is a project by a couple of young and creative minds that aims at providing social and commercial benefits to artisan settlements. So, where do you come into the picture? We’ll tell you.

Beads jewellery
Beads jewellery, Rs 1,300

The project has a website that offers products, painstakingly created by some of the best artisans of our countries and the proceeds from every purchase goes directly to its creator.

The omission of a middleman in this scenario helps the artisans sell their products in a fair fashion. We love the ethnic and rustic jewellery and even the kitschy Hindu deities-dedicated stationery. Go take your pick, and help an art from fading out.

Log on to: Shop.gaatha.com