Surfs up! Head to Odisha this weekend

1 The event has a line-up of several artistes who are on their first visit to India. The line-up includes The Bahh Band, who involve video projections and installations in their performances and Argentine musician Tom Becker.

2 The festival will have several visual arts and installations as a part of it’s artistic reach. Participating artists include installation expert Alak Pathak, Harshvardhan who performs live digital and audio visual paintings and festival curator Vinay Pateel’s works that represent surf culture in India.

3 Opportunities for Indian surfers are nil in our country. Here’s a chance to show your worth and be a part of Surf Expressions, where you will be judged for your skills on the waves, which includes anything from flips to aerial stunts.

4 Witness Surf Yoga, a new form of yoga where practioners will demonstrate yoga postures on surf boards that will blend the benefits of paddle boarding and yoga. The event will also include documentary screening and a fire dance performance.

5 Paddle boarding enthusiasts can sign up for ISF’s SUP CUP where you can race with several professional paddle boarders, both Indian and international.

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