"The Lunchbox"-fame actress Nimrat Kaur, who walked for designer Rina Dhaka at the ongoing Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week (ICW), says Indian fashion is changing like Indian culture and she is amazed to see how Indian garments are now accepted globally.

Nimrat Kaur
Nimrat Kaur

"I am surprised with the way Indian garments are getting global appeal. I cannot even decide half of the time whether an outfit is looking more Indian or Western. You have so many different kinds of draping styles or how people wear things... so I think, much like our culture, fashion is also changing," she told IANS after the show.

The actress, who received global success with Ritesh Batra's directorial, said fashion comes with comfort and this is what she implies in her personal life.

"As long as something is flattering, it works for me. Be it Indian or Western, I love wearing whatever suits my body style. It's great fun to keep things unpredictable," she added.

The actress enlisted her wardrobe essentials.

"A little black dress, faithful pair of denims, nice pair of heels, a nice top and a short leather jacket is always handy and helpful... whenever you are travelling. Also, you can't go wrong with a crisp white shirt. My denim shirt has became one of the essential things as I throw it on almost anything," she added.

Inspired by the very verbose iconography of the gota work of Rajasthan, Dhaka showcased a collection that has new styles in the Gota Patti, placed it against tinsel sheers and lace.

There was extensive use of intricate embroidery elements from between the region of Rajasthan and some from the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, rearranged in a layered, lace-like manner.