It's been almost a week since two expensive plasma television sets worth Rs 3 lakh each, have been lying unclaimed in Customs officials' custody at Mumbai airport.

The reason: their panic-stricken owners left them behind after they were taken in by a surprise check, undertaken by the special flying squad of Customs officials.

The operation was carried out to rein in those trying to smuggle in imported goods. The two owners fled the airport, leaving behind their expensive TVs and baggage.

The screening was carried under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Customs Sameer Wankhade, and all the arrested offenders were penalised under the Indian Customs Act.  

1: Two unidentified men try to sneak out their expensive belongings,
including the two 64-inch plasma TV sets worth Rs 3 lakh each

2: Suddenly, a surprise check is carried out by the special flying squad
of Customs to nab those smuggling in imported goods

3: Taken by surprise, the duo makes a dash for the exit, leaving behind
their expensive baggage, including the TV sets

"On October 25, a day prior to Diwali, more than 30 flyers were penalised for gross violation of guidelines. Surprisingly, the two passengers, who were carrying undeclared costly television sets, left the airport without claiming their belongings. Till yesterday, nobody had turned up to claim it," said a senior customs official of Mumbai airport. The officer added that if the passengers fail to show up in next two days, they would be summoned by the Customs officials. "We are trying to reach them with whatever details we have on us. If they fail to appear, then they will be summoned in a few days."

P M Saleem, Airport Commissioner, Customs said, "Some passengers have left their baggage behind, including a couple of 64-inch plasma televisions. Till date, they haven't come forward to claim their belongings. Currently, investigation is in progress with the available details."