Surrogacy brings twin delights to Oz couple

Jan 09, 2012, 08:31 IST | Agencies
They cannot speak or hear and yet, their desire for a child made a couple fly all the way from Australia to be rewarded with, not one, but two baby girls through surrogacy.

It took them a nine-month wait to see their dream come alive. For Ronald Gregory (51), and Vicky Nadya (41), a hearing and speech impaired couple from Queensland, the dream of having a baby seemed far when doctors told them surrogacy was the only way to have a child.

"It seemed distant to us," Vicky said by writing on a piece of paper, the way she has been communicating with people here.

Vicky said the eight years of wait for a child was a phase of disappointment for them, but nothing matters now.
"A week ago, we saw and felt the two tiny babies for the first time in our arms. When we got to know that we have had twins, we were surprised and glad. They are beautiful," wrote an excited and contented Vicky.

Her doctors in Australia advised her to opt for surrogacy. Since surrogacy is not legal there, she could either go to the US or India for it. Finally, the couple chose India.

"Some couples from Australia have already come to us for surrogacy. Ronald and Vicky were confident that it was possible here," said Shivani Sachdev Gour, a doctor at ISIS Hospital.

The husband and wife are very excited to become parents in the first attempt. They have even thought of names for them and decided upon, Isabella and Tamara

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