A study has revealed that the age-old excuse of a headache has been given the red card by football fans, to be replaced by the more honest 'I want to watch football' as the most common way to get out of having sex.


With the World Cup on, the allure of several weeks of pitch-side action is a tempting prospect for some, reveals a survey by sexual wellbeing brand, Durex, that concluded that 40% of men would turn down sex to watch football.

The poll was commissioned to highlight how a summer of football will affect people's love life. Whilst some may prefer the straight talking approach, elaborate injury related excuses are just as prevalent in the bedroom as they are on the pitch.

Researchers discovered that despite the common perception of men rarely being the ones to turn down the offer of some action between the sheets, 40% admit they will say ‘no’ to their other half so they can watch football instead.

“There will always be some who are guilty of faking it whether it’s on the football pitch or in the bedroom and we think now is the time to stand up and declare — great sex is like great football; it’s so much more enjoyable without the faking, says Nitish Kapoor, General Manager of  Reckitt Benckiser India, the parent company of Durex. 

Adds Kapoor, “Excitement levels for football fans across the globe are reaching fever pitch and the passion they feel for the game is on par with, if not greater than, that for their partner. But they need to ensure that once those 90 minutes are up, all attention is redirected to their loved one… otherwise there may be penalties!”

The survey was carried out on June 4 with 2,000 participants by market researchers 72 Point.