A female tantrik was beaten to death by a 30-year-old man in Malad (East) on Sunday, who suspected she had performed black magic on him.

The Kurar police have arrested the accused, Ravi Harpale, from his residence and sent the woman’s body for post mortem. According to police, the tantrik, Surkhi Joph, and the accused were neighbours in Kurar village. “On Sunday, Harpale was ill and had high fever. He could see that in the next house, Joph was conducting some puja.

He suspected that she was performing black magic on him that was making him ill. He decided to take revenge, killed her with a stick and then fled from her house. The neighbours informed us and we arrested Harpale,” informed Sudhakar Mamulkar, a sub-inspector with the Kurar police.

Cops have seized the stick used to kill the woman, along with the material being used for the puja at the deceased’s home. “The accused has been ill for quite some time, but never took any medication. He believed that there was a ghost in his body and the tantrik was controlling him,” added Mamulkar.