Suspecting illicit affair, Kalyan man stabs wife; jumps to death
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In a shocking incident, a 45-year-old Kalyan resident, stabbed his wife, before jumping to death from the 8th floor of his Kalyan apartment. The reason behind this rash decision was because, the deceased's 19-year-old son had witnessed the act.

The woman, who suffered multiple stab injuries in the attack, was hospitalised after the boy raised an alarm and summon neighbours. She is currently undergoing treatment and is out of danger. Both owned a garment business and had a son named Chetan and a 10-year-old daughter.

According to a report by Times of India, Rajendra Shinde suspected his wife Sangeeta (42) of being unfaithful to him and was suffering from severe depression as a result. They would have constant arguments over this matter and at one time Sangeeta had even lodged a police complaint against her husband as she was tired of the constant harassment meted out her by him, which led to his arrest.

On the day of the gruesome incident, their son had gone out for some work and their daughter was at their native place in Parbhani. Both got into an argument, which turned ugly when he started stabbing his wife with a knife. Chetan had just returned, when he heard his mother's screams, and after being unable to open the door, went through a passage, which lead to the bathroom, broke the bathroom window and entered, only to witness his father stabbing her. On realising his son had witnessed everything, Shinde jumped off their home's balcony.

According to police officials, Rajendra Shinde often viewed crime-related TV shows and began to suspect his wife's character as a result.