Suspension to keep Michel Platini out of FIFA presidential election

Zurich: FIFA has confirmed it will not allow Michel Platini to stand in the presidential election while his ban from football-related activity remains in force.

Michel Platini
Michel Platini

The deadline for presidential nominations is on Monday and UEFA president Platini has already submitted his candidacy for the vote on February 26. The Frenchman, however, was handed a provisional 90-day suspension together with FIFA president Sepp Blatter two weeks ago.

Both men are being investigated over a £1.35million payment Platini received from Blatter in 2011, which they say related to consultancy work Platini completed nine years earlier.

A FIFA statement read: "Domenico Scala, in his capacity as chairman of the FIFA Ad-hoc Electoral Committee, provided information to the Executive Committee regarding the ongoing process for the FIFA presidential election.

"He explained that candidacies for the FIFA Presidency that are submitted in due time and form, but which relate to candidates who are subject to a (provisional or definite) ban from taking part in any football-related activity, will not be processed by the Ad-hoc Electoral Committee as long as such ban is valid and in force."

Platini denies any wrongdoing and is awaiting the verdict of the FIFA appeals committee after challenging his suspension.

If Platini's suspension is lifted before the election on February 26, he may be able to re-enter the race. There had also been uncertainty surrounding the timing of the election and whether it might be postponed in light of the investigations into Blatter and Platini.

Key proposed FIFA reforms
> The president's term will be restricted to 12 years.
> The president and members of FIFA's Council must not be aged more than 74 years.
> The remuneration of the president, council members, the general secretary and all chairmen of independent standing/ judicial committees should be published annually.

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