A team of trained instructors held various sessions, which began with stretching and warm up exercises, a detailed talk on eating the right food at right times of the day.

Breath in, breathe out
Breath in, breathe out Pic/ Abhinav Kocharekar

The most important aspect is to have adequate rest, as while resting, the body gets tuned and then acts in rhythm with nature.

Together in fitness
Together in fitness Pic/ Abhinav Kocharekar

The first part of the session comprised of exercises – which challenge your body to improve stamina and strength. The next session was centered on breathing techniques specific to inhaling and exhaling, with emphasis on breathing through the nose.

Mickey Mehta
Mickey Mehta, Pic/ Abhinav Kocharekar

Navin Kanchan, a marketing professional from Vasai who attended this workshop, says “It’s truly a good programme. It is not only about physical wellness but has helped me internally as well.”

Overall the event was a huge hit with great feedback from contestants.