'Sweet' engagement ceremony turns 'bitter' for groom and kin

Apr 11, 2016, 21:59 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

Eating sweets at the engagement ceremony cost the groom and his family members dearly as most of them had to be hospitalised in Pune after falling ill from food poisoning.

The happy-turned-tragic incident took place in Nandegoan village in Pune's Mulsi taluka where around 100 people including the groom were rushed to Dehu aand Chakan-based hospitals. Currently 35 people have been diagnosed with food poisoning.

The incident took place late on Sunday evening with former Dehu Shanstha’s former president Anandrao More whose son Narendra was getting engaged with a Dehu-based girl. The engagement was held on Sunday around 7 pm and a dinner had been organised post engagement.

According to the police, "More than 200 people had come for the engagement ceremony and had 'rabadi', which is a form of sweet.

Many started vomiting and suffered from diarrhea after consuming the sweet. The ill were then rushed to the hospital and 35 people including the groom was diagnosed with food poisoning. They were discharged after treatment. We are probing the case and we have collected the samples of 'rabadi' and sent it to the chemical laboratory. Once we get the report we will lodge the complaint.”

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