Swine flu under control, says Maharashtra health minister

Nagpur: The Maharashtra government today claimed that all is well on the swine flu front though it has officially admitted 83 deaths so far.

Swine flu which broke out in Maharashtra is under control though some deaths have been reported, Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant told reporters here.

He claimed that there is shortage of medicines and expressed apprehension that these might be sold in the black market.

Sawant said that 389 patients who reported swine flu symptoms were discharged from hospitals. Since January 1 this year, about 97,248 people suspected to have swine flu were thoroughly checked, he said.

Admitting 83 swine flu deaths, Sawant said that this includes 31 cases in Nagpur division, with 22 cases in Nagpur city alone. Some patients from Madhya Pradesh and other states also died in the city due to swine flu, he said.

As many as 205 suspected swine flu patients are being treated in various hospitals across the state, he said.

Earlier in the day, Sawant visited the Government Medical College Hospital and reviewed the situation along with health officials.

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