T2 staff hit by sky-high parking charges

The high parking charges at the international airport’s terminal 2 (T2) has got the airport staff up in arms, as they say it’s causing a huge dent in their measly salary.

Loaders, housekeeping and other staff members who earn Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per month are finding it difficult to shell out Rs 350 as monthly charges to park their two-wheelers at T2, and are demanding the charges to be reduced. Staffers said the Rs 150 parking charges at the old terminal was affordable and the rates at T2 should be in the same bracket.

Sky-high rates
“Paying Rs 350 every month is not easy for me. I reside in Kalyan and commuting to work on my two-wheeler was convenient for me, but the high parking charges have compelled me to use public transport,” said a loader.

“They are charging Rs 750 for parking but the area is poorly maintained. None of the washrooms are operational and there is no facility for drinking water,” said an airport staffer. Despite several attempts, Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Limited (MIAL) remained unavailable for comment.

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