Youth's alleged decision to join ISIS forces his family to leave Mumbai

Feb 25, 2017, 21:41 IST | Faisal Tandel

Tabrez Tambe left for Libya in Jan 2016
Tabrez Tambe left for Libya in Jan 2016

Ever since Tabrez Tambe (28) was suspected of leaving Mumbra to join terror outfit ISIS in Libya, his family has been paying the price. Facing a barrage of questions from not just the police but also nosy neighbours, the family had no choice but to leave Mumbra and move to their hometown in Ratnagiri.

"All their neighbours had heard about the case. They were constantly being interrogated by the police and the neighbours were also asking questions, like, how could Tabrez have joined ISIS," a close relative of the Tambe family told mid-day.

The family had been living in a rented house (room number 604) at Saif Apartment in Shibli complex since February 2016. Tabrez had never been to this house, as he had already left for Libya a month before.

In the first week of December, he called his brother, Saud Tambe, claiming that he had been trapped and wanted to come back to Mumbai.

"He told Saud that he was lured with the promise of a plum job but had been cheated. He said he was surrounded by unrest and there were regular airstrikes. We assumed he was trapped in an extremist group and so we informed the police," said the relative.

On December 9, ATS officials interrogated Saud and took down statements from all the family members.

"The news spread across Mumbai and Mumbra and this has affected the family, who had to leave Mumbra. Their rent agreement had come to an end anyway, so they shifted to Ratnagiri," said a neighbour who was close to the family.

Tabrez's wife also moved out to her mother's home and is no longer in touch with the Tambe family.

A family member said, "We approached the ATS asking for help to bring Tabrez back. We were given assurance by the investigation agencies that they would bring him back, but no progress is seen in the investigation yet. Instead, the cops have seized three of our laptops, eight mobile phones and other gadgets. Tabrez is innocent and once he returns, the facts will be proved."

A senior officer from ATS said, "Our investigations are ongoing and we cannot comment on the matter."

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