Tagging Shazahn

Like most living in South Mumbai, Shazahn Padamsee was often branded as the fussy spoilt townie when she was growing up. When she shifted to Bandra, she hoped that she would manage to escape the tag. And then she went on to play the cute, ditsy blonde, June Pinto in Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji, which only reinforced the perception. But in real life, Shazahn is anything but dumb. Gearing up for another multi-starrer, she talks to CS about the real her:

Who: Shazahn Padamsee
What: Talking about her image of a Bandra blonde
Where: At her Khar residence

Branded in Bandra
I find this dumb blonde tag hilarious because it operates in town, Bandra and is soon catching up with the girls in Lokhandwala too. It's like the Upper East-Siders of America. But I don't find it offensive at all. In fact, I think that it is cute. Even when film critics and reviewers call me a Barbie doll, I take it as a huge compliment. And that's because I've never considered myself pretty. In school, I was a complete goofball who also had neon blue braces and acne. But yes, I think I've started looking better with age, and have started taking care of myself now that I'm a part of the film industry. Having said that, I'm still quite a goofball. But there's also a professional side to me that's hardworking and very ambitious, just like my dad (Alyque Padamsee). He's extremely dedicated when it comes to work, so much so that he hates holidays! He's my inspiration.

Daddy's little girl
Whenever I read a negative or untrue story about myself in the newspapers, my first thought is that dad shouldn't see it. Since I don't live with him, I immediately call him up telling him that it's all rubbish. And he only laughs. You see, I'm a little emotional when it comes to my parents. I guess I should learn to take things with a pinch of salt, just like them.

Going offscreen
I'm way smarter than I'm made out to be in my films. I love having intellectual conversations with my dad. And I'm not the giggly sort at all. Not many people know that I play the guitar really well and have a great sense of humour. I concede that our film industry is very looks-oriented, but if you are someone with brains, people will get to know that eventually. Take Shabana Azmi for instance -- we know her as a great actor, but who doesn't know about her passion for social causes. Or even Salman Khan, we are all aware of the painter in him. So if there is more to an actor, I believe, it will surface over time.



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