Ramanjaneya's mother-in-law Akkamma bought two acres of land from the society for Rs 3 crore between 2003 and 2005 and transferred it to her daughter Sharadamma; investigations show that her poor financial background defies ability to have made the purchase
Controversy continues to haunt the Vyyalikaval House Building Co-operative Society and another scam cropped
up to add to its wavering credibility.

The 176-acre site at Nagawara village where the society had
proposed to develop a layout. Tainted revenue officer
Ramanjaneya's mother-in-law bought two acres of land from
the society through four separate sale deeds

The society has illegally sold two acres of land from the area earmarked for the proposed layout near Nagavara Village and documents in possession of MiD DAY reveal the shady side of what has been going on behind the scenes.

Records show that a certain E Akkamma (74) purchased the two acres of land through four separate sale deeds by paying Rs 3 crore between December 2003 and September 2005, through cheques drawn at the Palace Orchard branch of Vijaya Bank.

Remote chance
Akkamma hails from a remote village in Andhra Pradesh and her poor financial background defies the Rs 3 crore purchase made by her.

The one thing that may prove how, is that she is the mother-in-law of tainted revenue officer H Ramanjaneya.

Costly gift
Interestingly, she has transferred the entire property to her daughter Sharadamma through a gift deed.
Adding to the complications, Sharadamma name figures as one of the witnesses on the sale deed between the society and her mother.

Sharadamma's husband Ramanjaneya shot to dubious fame when the Lokayukta police caught him red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 50,000 in a case related to providing a land conversion order in November last year.

When Ramanjaneya was Special District Collector, he committed irregularities

He was earlier a Karnataka Administrative Service officer serving as the Bangalore Urban Special District Collector overseeing investigations into land grabbing cases within his jurisdiction.

Not first instance?
He has been caught in multiple irregularities and served jail sentences and cases are pending in the court.

According to a probe by the Bangalore Regional Commissioner between July 2008 and November 2010, when Ramanjaneya was Special DC, he passed orders favouring some land grabbers in as many as 428 cases without even verifying supporting documents. His malpractices have resulted in the loss of 1,041 acres of government land.

Gross misuse

Investigators found that during his tenure as Special DC, he committed the irregularities in his position as a 'magistrate'.

Ramanjaneya faces charges of helping land sharks by dropping investigation into cases registered in Bangalore City limits under Section 136(3) of  Karnataka Land Revenue Act.

According to this provision, a Special DC has powers to stop land grabbing and can order the local tahsildar to submit a report whenever he receives complaints of encroachment of government land.

Does not add up
"Considering Ramanjaneya's position and his dubious background, one can conclude that the transaction, which took place between the society and his mother-in-law, was not a straight forward deal.

It is a clandestine deal to gift the land to him," said a member of the society, who is among the petitioners who moved the court against.

The society was planning to develop a layout for its members near the Nagavara Village spread across 176 acres land, which had been acquired for this purpose.

However, there were multiple petitions against the society and the High Court had constituted an enquiry committee to probe the issue.
The enquiry committee had said that the society was fraudulent. Based on the findings, the HC had quashed land acquisition and ordered restoration of possession of the land to the original owners.

Later, the Supreme Court had upheld the High Court's order, but the society defied the order and sold the land to Akkamma.
This was apparently done to gain the confidence of Ramanjaneya, who was in a strategic position of the revenue department.