Nishka Lulla: Layering is the key
The layered look will make waves this holiday season because it’s practical yet stylish. For this look, you can layer a fitted metallic sheath top with a jacket, or add an organza robe to a shirt dress -- it’s all about layering interesting pieces from your wardrobe. Metallic fabrics, checks, stripes, androgynous looks, midi and ankle lengths and ice cream colour palettes are all in vogue this season.
Dos: Make sure you have only one focal point that stands out in your look because simple is classy.
Don’ts: Don’t overdo by using many elements together; you don’t want to look like a mixed bag!

Illustrations: Amit Bandre

Malini Ramani: Costume drama
A resort wear collection will be incomplete with a bold swimming costume. A cut-out swimsuit with a net cloak is ideal to make a statement. Gold leather strappy wedges, sheer fabrics with appliqué and sunset kaftans are also must-haves for a vacation.
Dos: Looking and feeling healthy is important. It’s all about the holiday glow, and the energy that you exude.
Don’ts: Avoid wearing pure, plain black.

Rock S: Print it!
Prints are all over — printed dresses, jumpsuits, crew pants, saree bikinis. Whites are ruling too. Silk blouses and little embellishments as elements to give that little zinc are hot. Go for a simple slip-on spaghetti dress for that swagger, minimal stylish look.
Dos: Be minimalist. Comfort clothing works best for any leisure / holiday look.
Don’ts: Avoid going overboard but also don’t get too casual with your clothing.

Nandita Mahtani: Minimal embroidery rocks
Tunics that can be worn over a bikini or as a dress or the ones that can be teamed up with leggings are a good option. Too much embroidery is not a good idea. The silhouette should be crisp and the overall look can be enhanced with a leather belt, gladiator sandals and right accessorising.
Dos: Choose outfits that can transform from day to night looks. Also, opt for fabrics that don’t crease.
Don’ts: Avoid tight/body hugging clothes. Don’t stick to a trend, if you are not comfortable and confident about what you’re wearing; the look could go wrong.