Newly-opened takeaway, I Feel Healthy Today offers an interesting spread of calorie-happy options that will stir interest among the city's health gourmands. However, we suggest you stick to the tried and tested combos to stay healthy and palate-happy

It's a fad that doesn't appear to be just another flash in the pan (sans the oil, of course). Restaurants and cafes across Mumbai seem to have caught on to the health bug like wild fire and by the looks of it, more seem to be on the way.

Greek Feta Cheese Salad with Vine Leaves

The folks behind I Feel Healthy Today, a takeaway service at Khar seem done just that with their project. With Dr Shilpa Joshi as guide, they've created a menu that will bring a smile to the health freak and the calorie-conscious gourmand.

The I-Tip is a value add that provides health related information on one
of the  main ingredients in the dish

It's not often where one comes across a lavish spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. From Grilled Sandwiches and Subs to Meals and Pre-Mixed Salads, it's a treat for those who prefer to take the high road to health and fitness.

The Garlic Prawns' seasoning impressed but disappointed with the taste
and succulence

The very elaborate menu was divided into subsections, each laced with a quirky introduction and factoids on the choices on offer. We plumbed for the Greek Feta Cheese Salad with Vine Leaves (Rs 180, 280 Kcal), Cucumber Broccoli Avocado Grilled Chicken Pepperoni Sandwich (Rs 170, 370 Kcal) and for a a bit of gastronomic indulgence, opted for the Grilled Garlic Prawns with Green Papaya and Pineapple Salsa (Rs 450, 400 Kcal).

Olive Fried Rice was a tasty add-on. Pics/ Shadab Khan

We placed our order at 12 noon and were informed that it would take 50 minutes to arrive. Brownie points were lost when our order reached 20 minutes later. Teething problems, we hoped. Packed in plastic bowls and containers, our food seemed appetising enough to go for the kill.

Every dish came with an I-Tip that provided nutritional information about an ingredient inside. Nice touch. The salad got full marks -- all the veggies tasted fresh, which was remarkable since we tasted the salad a good two hours after the order had arrived. They offer a range of non-veg servings too for this salad.

The brown bread sandwich (choose from whole wheat, multigrain and flavoured breads) was wholesome and will make for a power-packed snack on the run. The broccoli, avocado and chicken portions were generous though the entire offering was a bit dry by the time we sunk our teeth into these semi-jumbo sandwiches.

Cook it up
Just as the report card began to look up, we ran into crustacean trouble, courtesy the Garlic Prawn dish. The presentation bowled us over and we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into the succulent-looking tiger prawns.

The visual joie-de-vivre was short-lived. Raw in parts and partially cooked otherwise, the dish disappointed; never mind the seasoning, and the quirky pineapple and green papaya salsa. In hindsight, we'd still give them a B for the effort and the varied menu to help you keep the cal count in check. 

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