City-based music director and teacher Rajnarayan Dash conducts music workshops that not only teach the basics of several instruments but also add music to work life

Are you tired of those long hours before the computer? Do you feel that there is nothing more in your life besides work?
Then listen up! City-based music director and teacher Rajnarayan Dash brings a music workshop that you can attend in between those crazy hours at work.

Explaining why a year ago he decided to conduct workshops for corporate houses, Dash says, "I realised that the working professional and especially the software professionals who are interested in music hardly get a chance to pursue it.

Workshops in offices makes it easier for them to pursue their interest and also go back to work with a fresh mind."

Dash, who has been associated with the Kannada music industry for over a decade, shares that there are various formats of this workshop that teaches instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards, harmonicas and djembe.
The instruments, shares Dash, are provided by him but anybody, but people can bring their own as well. Each session, however is restricted to only ten participants.

The workshops range over a week to six months and train participants in Hindustani, Carnatic, and Western music. The idea of teaching varied genres is to give the participants a chance to try their hands at every kind of music and choose what they enjoy the most.

"Music instruments are difficult to master. It improves concentration level and also breaks monotony," says Dash.

He adds that the young professionals mostly want to play guitar. "I guess people love guitar because of portability factor. It is easier to carry a guitar for entertainment while you are travelling as compared to carrying drums or keyboards," reveals Dash.

The workshops are open to all and take place throughout the year. So if you want to bring  some music into your work life, dash to Dash.

Ongoing, Call 8892893016 For Rs 2, 000 onwards