Taking care of plants is easy, if you know a few key tips

Here is an interesting bit of trivia about Mumbai that you probably never knew — It is the best place to grow plants, especially when compared to other metro cities such as Delhi and Bangalore.

Bangalore-based founder of garden centre Green Carpet and plant doctor Myna Batavia rates the city quite highly while talking about cities with an environment conducive for gardening and nurturing healthy plants. “With the kind of weather Mumbai has, plants grow exceedingly well. Space is the only issue here,” she explains. In fact, she cannot think of even one plant that can not survive in Mumbai. “If you had asked me about any other city, I might have had a few names. But in Mumbai, the African violet, orchids and so on, all grow really well. This might be because the soil in Mumbai is better,” she elaborates.

As a plant doctor (a specialised service that Batavia offers as part of her company Green Carpet, formed in 2002), she nurses sickly plants back to health. Her house doubles up as the nursery and ‘plant clinic’, where pots of plants that badly need attention are lined up on the terrace, balcony, roof and front yard.

1) Change the soil once a year (also called re-potting). Once done, feed the potted plant once a month.
2) Once your plant is attacked by pests or a disease, isolate it.
3) Never forget to dust the plant to prevent a pest attack.
5) See to it that the plant enjoys proper sunlight, shade and feed.
6) Every owner must keep a bottle of pesticide/fertiliser in case of a pest attack.

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