Tamara Ecclestone all set to reveal 'naked truth' about her life

Formula 1 boss Bernie's daughter, Tamara Ecclestone recently posed nude for a photo shoot and is all set to reveal the 'naked truth' about her life.

The photo shoot forms a part of her promotional tactics for her new reality show, Billion Dollar Girl, to be aired on Channel 5.


"I did this picture to show I've got nothing to hide and I hope that my new reality show exposes the real Tamara," the Sun quoted her as telling TV Biz.

Ecclestone went ahead with the series despite her family not approving of it.

"I know my friends and family didn't want me to do this but my argument is there are so many misconceptions about me, so many stories that aren't true."
"At least I finally get to give people the naked truth about my life," she added.

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