Tanisha Mukherjee talks about her upcoming Marathi movie

The 35-year-old actress has been signed by Akshay Kumar’s production company for an upcoming Marathi movie. She talks to CS about her plans:

Regional flavour
Cinema is cinema. There is no real difference between entertaining people and connecting with people except for the language and maybe the ‘nakras’. It’s not difficult but rather I would say it’s challenging. And I love challenges.

Bonding with Bharati
The character I play is of an Indian girl who is influenced by the West, though she has strong Indian values. Bharti Achrekar plays my mom in the film and it’s fun working with her. I feel there are many similarities between my mom and Bharti Aunty. This made it easier for me to relate to her. I have already finished the first schedule in London, and now I am flying back to London for the second schedule.

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