Tannishtha packs her bags

Nov 28, 2011, 09:46 IST | Avantika Patil

Best known for her work in parallel cinema, Tannishtha Chatterjee is quite a popular face internationally. The actress who is seen at many international festivals, says that she loves to globetrot. She shares her travel diary with CS:

The wanderer
I love travelling, which is one of the reasons why I also love my job. But, I have been a travel freak since my childhood. My father had a job which took us to many countries across the world. So I have been a gypsy right from the time when I was young. Every other month I am either out of town, or the country. And I make it a point to make friends wherever I go. That's the best way to understanding a country better.

One for the road
I love leisure and road trips. Backpacking and adventure is definitely not my cup of tea. I need a bit of comfort and luxury. Though I mostly travel by air to save on time, I love travelling by train if I am not alone. And with the right group of friends, road trips can be great too. I have done a lot of such road trips in Europe.

Nature's call
I am a great lover of history and nature. Depending on my mood, I select my holiday destinations. My list of favourites would definitely include places with history or beaches. Italy (Puglia) is one such destination which has both. Poland is also a fantastic example. I was a student when I first went there. It is rich in history and culture and the Polish autumn is one of the most stunning seasons ever. The forests are all red and golden. We would cycle in the woods and collect mushrooms from the forests. It was so much fun.

The Egyptian cruise
I travel so much that I can't remember one excellent holiday. But yes, I've thoroughly enjoyed travelling across the USA. I almost covered 13 cities in three weeks. My friend and I met and interacted with the locals throughout our tour. I was actually promoting my film as well. But I had off days as well and it was such a great balance of work and pleasure. One place that I would want to visit is Egypt. I am fascinated by the country's history. As a child I was enamored by the pyramids and their mystery. I still am.

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