Tanu's a curious spirit

When actor Tanushree Dutta isn't busy working, she's either travelling or exploring her spiritual side. She talks to CS:

I have always been spiritually inclined. While I was growing up, I was exposed to good literature. In those days, I chanced upon books like the Alchemist, Many Lives Many Masters and others. These books made me curious to know the workings of the world.

However, I am not religious. I have read scripts of many different religions and have found them to be eerily similar to each other.

Therefore, I decided that all these different scripts were meant to tell us the same something. I believe that we, humans, have used these religious scripts to our advantage and to divide ourselves into separate groups.

And so, I don't confine myself to any one faith. Pursuing the spiritual path has helped me understand the world, its people and myself better.


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