Tejpal’s arrest late Saturday and his remand yesterday followed two weeks of drama after his colleague, who has now quit the magazine, accused the veteran journalist of sexually molesting her in a Goa resort twice in November.

Penance time: Tarun Tejpal escorted by police from the courthouse. Pic/AFP

Tejpal looked drained in his slightly crumpled black suit when he was escorted to the court on Sunday. After arriving from Delhi, he spent Friday night in a suite with his immediate family at a hotel in Panaji, and the following night in a police lock-up.

The media was not allowed to enter Judicial Magistrate First Class Kshama Joshi’s courtroom where she allowed the police the right to quiz Tejpal for six days in custody.

“He will be confronted about the conflict between his e-mails and media statements where he admits to a sexual liaison in the elevator on November 7 and 8 and his subsequent rejection of the same,” a police officer said.