Taste of Southern Italy

The guide caught up with Italian chef Giuseppe Lioce, who is in Pune to prepare a special feast as served in Bari, a region in Southern Italy, and share a few dishes from the region

Bari and Puglia are two regions in Southern Italy, known for their unique taste. While Bari is known for its food, Puglia (Apulia in English) is known for its wines. Now, Puneites can try the delicacies of bari and wines from Puglia at the Bari Food Festival, currently running at a city restaurant. Italian chef Giuseppe Lioce, who has been especially flown to the city, will prepare the food for the festival.

Chef Giuseppe Lioce
Chef Giuseppe Lioce

Chef Lioce says that most of the items in the menu are prepared using ingredients sourced directly from Bari as well as local replacements. “In Bari, food is cooked only using fresh ingredients so that the taste is maintained. One may drop some ingredients, or use local replacements, but whatever goes in it, has to be fresh,” he adds.

There is a misconception that Bari food is all non-vegetarian, but it has a lot of vegetarian options, something Chef Lioce aims to showcase especially at the festival. The chef has also shared a few recipes which Puneites can prepare at home. Buon appetito!

Till: July 26
At: Prego, Westin Pune, Koregaon Park.

Cavatelli Marinara

For the pasta dough
>> 500 gm Semolina (durum wheat)
>> 250 ml Warm water
>> Salt to taste
>> 2 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

Cavatelli Marinara

For the sauce
>> 1 Onion (chopped)
>> 1 Garlic clove (peeled)
>> Salt to taste
>> 200 gm prawns (peeled)
>> 150 gm Lobster meat
>> 100 gm Cherry tomatoes
>> 200 ml Tomato sauce
>> 2 Anchovy fillet

>> Add all the ingredients in a bowl and knead vigorously for 10 minutes, until the dough becomes tight. Let the dough rest for about 5 minutes, then cut it into pieces of 1 cm. Use the tip of the knife to press the dough from the top to the bottom. Sprinkle the cavatelli with semolina flour.
>> Boil water with 2 tbsp of salt. Cook the pasta for around 12 minutes. Meanwhile, put oil in a hot pan. Add the chopped onion, a clove of garlic, chilly, anchovies, tomatoes and olives and cook for about 1/2 minutes.
>> Cut the seafood into small pieces, and add to the pan. Add white wine into the pan and let it
evaporate. Now, add the tomato sauce and cook for about seven to eight minutes. Add pasta into the sauce and mix it well. Serve hot with some mint leaves.

Orecchiette Al forno
>> 400 gm Orecchiette pasta
>> 1 Onion (chopped)
>> 200 gm Green beans
>> 300 gm Fresh tomato
>> Scamorza cheese
>> Salt to taste

Orecchiette Al forno

>> In a pan, boil 1 litre of water with a handful of salt. Add the Orecchiette pasta and the green beans, and cook for 12 minutes. Take a fresh tomato, wash it, and cut it into cubes. Brown the cut tomatoes in a pan along with chopped onion. Add tomato sauce with basil leaves and cook for about 10 minutes.
>> Now, add the cooked pasta into the sauce and bake it in the oven with Scamorza cheese cubes
for three minutes.
Serve hot.

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