Taylor Lautner, who loves action turned into an actual daredevil for his first solo starrer, Abduction.
"I've always loved action films" he says, palpably excited at having used the extreme martial arts he learnt for eight years as a youngster.

He explains, "I've had the opportunity to do quite a lot of crazy stunts like slide down this huge glass overhang in a park, do some parkour and jump off walls.

I have this awesome boxing scene with my father in the backyard.  It's a really physically challenging role but I jumped right in."

Brad Martin, who choreographed Abduction's elaborate action scenes explains a very intricate scene which has Taylor casually placed on the hood of a truck as it drives down the street.
He says, "We just strapped Taylor to the hood and drove down the street with him.

Just him being able to show that he's relaxed and that he's having a good time doing that is definitely a skill in itself, 'cause we were going thirty, forty miles an hour on the street, while he's strapped to a vehicle and not able to jump off or do anything, should something go wrong."