'Teach Pakistan a lesson like 1965'

Ralegan-Siddhi: Social activist Anna Hazare yesterday demanded that India should “teach Pakistan a lesson” like it did in1965 for the brutal killing of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani troops in Jammu and Kashmir.

Tit for tat? Demonstrators in Ahmedabad burn replicas of Pakistani  flag as they demonstrate against the killing of two Indian soldiers by Pakistan in Kashmir. Pic/AFP

“What they have done is simply unacceptable. How can they mutilate and take away the head of our soldier? This cannot be tolerated by any person,” Hazare said.

“Pakistan seems to have forgotten the beating it took in the 1965 war with India. Don’t they remember how they begged for mercy when Lahore was bombed during that war? But on and off, Pak keeps raising its head against India. We want a repeat of 1965. Pakistan should be taught a lesson again,” Hazare said.

The 75-year-old expressed his willingness to go to the border and fight enemy soldiers. Hazare served in the Indian Army for 12 years before he was honourably discharged from service in 1975.  

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