The Southern Command yesterday hosted a cycle polo match, which saw the Blue Team led by Southern Command chief Lt Gen AK Singh winning with 14 goals against three.
The other team was the Major General-General Staff (MGGS), or the Maroon Team. The match was held at the Bhagat Pavillion of the Bombay Engineering Group (BEG) in Khadki. 

The Blue Team led right from the start with some of the goals scored by Singh himself. The Maroon Team later scored three goals in the last two chukkers, or short innings.

In cycle polo, teams play with six players each, of which only four are allowed on the pitch.  Each chukker lasts seven-and-half minutes. There is a three-minute interval between each chukker.

The match was followed by a prize distribution ceremony. The game uses a Y-make bicycle and disallows use of extra attachments such as mudguards, stand, bells, carriers or gears.

The mallet is similar to the one used in horse polo, with a wooden head and is a metre long. The ball is traditionally made of bamboo but rubber balls can also be used with a diameter of 24 centimetres.