Tech: Facebook Messenger has a hidden Euro 2016 football game!

Facebook has rolled out a unique easter egg to celebrate the ongoing UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament.

Video courtesy/YouTube channel Gadget Diary

Named, KeepyUp, a hidden football game has been included in the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android users.

The game can be activated through a football emoji. Users can send someone the emoji during a conversation, which will trigger the game automatically. It has a simple interface with the object to keep the football from touching the ground.

Earlier this March, Facebook introduced a secret basketball mini-game into its Messenger service.

The hoop shooting game can be unlocked by sending a basketball emoji to a friend or group in the latest version of the Messenger app and then simply clicking on it, a major tech website reported.

Video courtesy/YouTube channel Gadget Diary

To shoot, you need to slide your finger or thumb on the screen. A point is scored for every consecutive basket that you net and the scores are shared in your chat with a friend or group. The target begins to move after a score of 10.

It moves faster after 20 and keeps you hooked on the game for a considerable time. This is not the first time the social networking site has dropped games into its Messenger service. But this time around it seems more compelling than the chess game that arrived last month.
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