Javed Jaffrey proclaims himself to be a man of conventional beliefs. And the things that he says he can easily not run behind are technology and brands. All set to hit the screens in a thriller as a local cop, Javed says that if technology were to desert him, he would definitely not die. Read on...

Who: Javed Jaffrey
What: Talks about how technology is ruling everyone's life

Need governs me
I am a conservative person. These technology companies keep coming up with higher versions of the same product and the difference in their features is hardly anything. I have learnt that it is best to stick with what you need and like. And all I need are a music player, a DVD player and the Internet to browse. If all these features are present in the gadgets I already have, I will not spend more money to upgrade them.

What's in a name?
I like quality. So the brand doesn't matter. For example, I love cars and own a Porsche Cayenne. Now, people like to show-off. For many, Nissan is a downmarket car while Lamborghini or Ferrari are upmarket ones. So they just get them as a status symbol. However, what's the use of spending loads if you can't make optimum use of that product? I believe that these are all the effects of an elite culture. To me, the brand doesn't matter, as long as I am happy with the thing I am buying. I own an iPad, a Meridian amplifier, Dune speakers, an Apple television and an Apple 24 inch screen for my PC. I find Apple products very user-friendly. I find Logitec speakers the best for my PC. Now I am planning to synchronise my television to my hard drive through WIFI connectivity.

Personal touch
I like meeting and understanding people. I am around on social networking sites, but I am not a compulsive 'tweetiya'. These social networking sites are just a mode of communication. But it has distanced people from each other in a way. You see, these guys so engrossed in their BBMs that they are not even listening to what the person in front of them is saying. It's kind of insulting you know. You use technology for your benefit. I do that too. But I don't overdo it. At night, I sit and browse the Internet and tweet. But that's strictly after work.
I even tell my kids to put away their phones and games during dinner. I don't like them having their phones while going to bed either. But they make excuses like we need the alarm in the phone and all!