Looking to upgrade your audio gear but not sure what to buy and where to buy from? Or, are you in search from some great discounts on headphones? If so, log on to Headphonezone.in, a new e-commerce website dedicated to headphnones, earphones and all things audio.

Fioo X1
Headphonezone.in offers a variety of gadgets like the popular Fioo X1, a budget high-res lossless portable music player

Catering to both audiophiles as well as regular listeners, Headphonezone.in, which also has an outlet on Link Road, Andheri, offers a range of headphones and earphones right from high-end brands like Jays, RHA, V-Moda, Audio Technica, Marshall, Beats By Dre to your mass producers like Panasonic, Sony, Skullcandy, etc.

However, just in case you are not sure, which one to go for, their online tutorial promises to make an expert out of you on all things audio. The information is quite useful, and worth a read.

But, what makes Headphonezone.in stand out, is its range of audio accessories, especially products like noise blockers, ear pads, wire managers, cables, headphone stands, as well as DACs and high-res music players from some of the world’s most popular brands. A separate section also offers mix tapes featuring high-res works of Indian Indie artists like The Raghu Dixit Project among others.

....The website also has a 24-hour cancellation policy, but one is advised to read and understand its return and refund policy carefully before placing orders.

Log on to: headphonezone.in